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Sperm Test

In around a third of couples with infertility, the main problem lies with the man. In our experience, up to half of fertility cases involve a problem with the sperm.

This is usually because there are insufficient numbers of normal sperm available to fertilise the egg, or because of a problem with abnormally shaped sperm, sperm that doesn’t move well or a presence of antibodies.

We offer a detailed sperm analysis carried out in our accredited laboratory with a patient friendly report written by Valentine Akande.

The cost of a sperm test is: £135

Sperm test instructions – DOWNLOAD INFORMATION LEAFLET

The laboratory assessment of the quality of semen is a vital factor in fertility. We appreciate that being asked to produce a semen sample to order for the purpose of investigation may be difficult and embarrassing.

Please phone the SPIRE Hospital Bristol laboratory on 0117 980 4072 to arrange a convenient date and time (9am- 4pm) for the sample to be received. Please state that you are a patient of Mr Valentine Akande’s clinic. The samples are analysed in the pathology laboratories at the SPIRE Hospital Bristol.

Instructions for Production of the Semen Sample: In order to assess sperm at maximum quality please do not have sexual intercourse or masturbate for 2 days, but no more than 5 days before producing the sample. The sperm sample should be produced by masturbation into a special container (provided).


Please carefully note the following:

  • Most of the sperm in an ejaculate is in the first portion, therefore if you collect the sample by interrupting intercourse, it is likely that this will be lost, and we will diagnose a problem, which does not exist.
  • Please do not produce samples into condoms for analysis, as these contain spermicides that destroy sperm.
  • Should some of the ejaculate fail to enter the container please do not submit that sample for analysis.
  • We would recommend that you wash yourself with soap and water.

Delivery of your sample to the Hospital: The sample should be taken (after making an appointment) directly to the Reception area of the “The Glen” SPIRE Hospital, Bristol on Redland Hill, Bristol, BS6 6UT.

It is important that semen samples are analysed quickly after production, as sperm begin to die quite rapidly outside the body. Deliver your sample as quickly as possible, at most within 1 ½ hours of production.

Keep the sample warm by carrying it upright in an inside pocket, but not keeping it too hot. Please label the container CLEARLY with your name and date of birth, and the date and time the sample was produced.

 Results The results should be available within a few days of the test. Occasionally the test needs to be repeated if the results are abnormal.