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Latest update 18 March 2020 (this update may change during the day)

In light of the rapidly evolving situation relating to the novel coronavirus (Covid-19), we would like to reassure patients that we are working on appropriate measures that to enable us continue to deliver our services whilst adhering to the guidance of the Government, Public Health England and other fertility professional bodies such as the BFS, ESHRE and ASRM.


Your safety and that of our staff are paramount in our ability to provide a safe service. We will therefore be taking additional measures within the centre to reduce the risk of infection transmission.

We advise that no children are brought into the building, we also recommend that no more than one accompanying adult or partner is present and only if required.

Furthermore, we will be restricting face to face meetings and contact where possible. For example it is now our intention to undertake all routine consultations by telephone or video method such as Skype.

Those of you who are at increased risk of severe illness from coronavirus (COVID-19) MUST not attend BCRM. This includes those of you with underlying health conditions which include:



In line with the UK Government COVID-19 strategy and the announcement by the Prime Minister on 16th March 2020 that the higher risk category includes pregnant women and the suggested expectation to isolate at home for 12 weeks, we are taking the following action:


IVF/ ICSI treatment:

If you are already in treatment, we recommend that any suitable embryos created are frozen and transferred at a later date. You will incur no cost for freezing for up to a year.


FET – frozen embryo transfer treatment:

We recommend not proceeding with the transfer of embryos at this stage. You will incur no further treatment charge to re-commence treatment other than purchasing further medication if required.


IUI – intra uterine insemination:

We will not be undertaking any IUI treatments or inseminations. If you are already in treatment, this will be discontinued and there will be no further charge to recommence treatment at a future date apart from purchasing medication if applicable.


Egg donation treatment:

Any suitable embryos created with the use of donor eggs will be stored for up to a year and will be transferred at a later date at no extra cost.



Whilst we are continuing to provide treatment to patients as described above, those who are due to start a fertility treatment cycle in the next few weeks may wish to consider deferring their start date. This is because there are significant risks that any fertility treatment such as IVF or ICSI cycles started now may have to be postponed before you reach egg collection. If so your treatment will be recommenced at a later date with no additional cost, apart from medication if required. We will however, continue to plan and prepare patients for treatment.

You will appreciate that if a complication arises during the course of treatment or  pregnancy, the NHS may not be in an optimal position to support you due to the strains of the Covid-19 situation.

The reasons we might have to stop treatment include:

  • Government imposed restrictions on all non-urgent medical or otherwise activity
  • Government mobilisation of key staff in the healthcare sector to NHS establishments to care for the sick
  • Government imposed nationwide lockdown
  • Reduced staff number at BCRM to provide a safe service if they are infected by Covid-19 or having to undergo enforced self-isolation or having to care for others such as the young or elderly



Ultrasound scans and blood tests  are continuing as normal but with extra infection control measures.

Sperm tests.

Patients with cancer seeking fertility preservation will continue to be supported and gametes stored.

Using telephone or Skype or video as preferred method:

  • New consultations
  • Follow up consultations
  • Fertility and treatment advice
  • Fertility tests, investigations and MOTs
  • Consultations and planning for IVF/ ICSI treatment
  • Consultations and planning for FET treatment
  • Consultations and planning for IUI treatment
  • Consultations and planning for Donor egg treatment


These recommendations will prevent you being put into an immediate higher risk (pregnancy) situation and will also reduce the potential risk of OHSS and pregnancy complications requiring hospital admission with the potential of an added strain on NHS resources at this time.

BCRM will continue to provide updates on this rapidly changing situation  –

Please review our website regularly and email any concerns to rather than contacting BCRM by telephone.

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