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Affording Fertility Care: Access Fertility

IVF treatment 100% Refund & Pre-Pay Plans

Are you worried about the cost of self-funded IVF treatment?

Having IVF treatment can be stressful, both emotionally and financially. In addition to our standard charges, we offer different ways for you to fund your IVF/ICSI treatment at BCRM, including fixed price treatments with a money-back guarantee.


Access Fertility pre-pay IVF Refund & Multi-Cycle Plans

The 100% Refund Plan from “Access Fertility” gives you all your money back if treatment isn’t successful. BCRM also offers their popular Multi-Cycle plan.

Access Fertility pre-paid plans are designed to give you financial peace of mind and a reduction in IVF cost compared to paying for the same treatment and benefits as you go along.

As a BCRM patient you have various “Access Fertility” plans to choose from:


IVF/ ICSI Refund Plan:

  • Up to 100% refund if you don’t have a baby
  • Up to 3 cycles of IVF/ ICSI
  • Unlimited frozen embryo transfers
  • Fixed, discounted fees that could save you 1⁄3
  • Available to women under 40 using their own eggs
  • Subject to medical review


IVF ICSI Multi-Cycle Plan:

  • Fixed, discounted fees that could save you 1⁄3
  • Up to 2 fresh cycles of IVF/ ICSI
  • Unlimited frozen embryo transfers
  • Available to women under 45 using their own eggs
  • No medical review required
  • No refund element


IVF ICSI Unlimited:

  • Prices start at around £12950
  • Unlimited IVF and ICSI over a 2 year period
  • Unlimited embryo transfers (fresh and frozen)
  • 100% refund if you do not have a baby
  • Patients using their own eggs
  • Options for all patients under 38
  • Subject to medical review

You can find out more about the  “Access Fertility”  payment plans by calling Access Fertility on 01865 80 1000 or contacting us by email:  contact@bcrm.clinic

Eligible for NHS IVF? Have your treatment here

If you’re eligible for Fertility treatment on the NHS, did you know that you may choose to have your treatment with us?

BCRM is able to treat patients from the following or surrounding areas:

  • Bristol
  • Bath
  • Taunton
  • Swindon
  • Gloucester
  • Cheltenham
  • Exeter (Devon)
  • Plymouth (Devon)
  • Truro (Cornwall)

Read more about how you can have your NHS fertility treatment at BCRM


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