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Fertility Referral

To access reproductive medicine treatment, most patients will require a referral from their GP or consultant specialist whether they are funded by the NHS or self-funding their care.

The timescale for starting treatment will depend on your treatment requirements, but can usually proceed once any additional investigations are completed.

Private Treatment

We are pleased to accept private self referrals for patients aged up to 46 years at the time of IUI, IVF or ICSI treatment or in addition to the waiting list for donor eggs. If you have frozen embryos in storage with us or another centre we can provide frozen embryo transfer – FET and  Donor egg treatment to patients up to the age of 50.

NHS Treatment

NHS funded patients are also welcome for treatment such as IVF and ICSI from all referring locations. The fertility policy of your local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), will determine your eligibility for access to NHS funded fertility treatment at BCRM.

Please contact us contact@bcrm.clinic and we can assist you on how you can access IVF treatment at our clinic. Or click this link to find our more about NHS Fertility treatment

How Long Can It Take?

BCRM would aim to offer a consultation appointment within 1-2 weeks allowing time for you and your partner to undertake any additional blood tests and semen analysis. These results are required to make appropriate decisions at consultation and avoid delay in progressing to treatment.


Patients are advised that to ensure the best outcomes your BMI should be below 35 and that you and your partner do not smoke. If you are outside these requirements treatment may be delayed to optimise your chances of success.

If you have frozen embryos in storage with us or another centre we can provide frozen embryo transfer (FET) treatment to patients up to the age of 50 if you are in good health.

NHS Requirement for Fertility treatment:

A referral letter detailing your patient history and that of your partner (if your partner is registered at an alternative GP please ensure their information is forwarded to us)

Completion of the Fertility Referral Form by your GP or Specialist is required as part of your referral to BCRM to ensure you meet the criteria for NHS funded care. BCRM is unable to accept NHS funded referrals for patients within BNSSG that do not meet all of the criteria outlined in this form.

Find out more here about NHS Funded Fertility Treatment at BCRM

Patient Information PDFs

Fertility treatment can be an emotional rollercoaster so it’s important that you have the information you need for your treatment. At BCRM we have created specific leaflets about each treatment in a clear and easy to understand. Click below find out more.

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