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Fertility Treatment Success Rates

At the Bristol Centre for Reproductive Medicine – BCRM our results match or exceed the normal chances of achieving pregnancy and birth in fertile couples.  

BCRM consistently has the best IVF success rates in the South West of England and Wales, making us one of the top Fertility Clinics in Bristol and the UK.

For women under 38 years of age, BCRM provides the highest chances of you having a baby in Bristol with IVF or ICSI treatment, per embryo transferred (based on the latest HFEA data published in 2021).

We understand you want to know your chances of success; however, success rates should only be used as a general guide. They should not be used as a prediction of your chances of success.

Our Success Rates

The tables below show the latest Bristol Centre for Reproductive Medicine clinical pregnancy rates for IVF & ICSI cycles for patients using their eggs in a “Fresh” and “Frozen” treatment cycle, including our latest available results.

Fresh Treatment Cycle Success Rate

Data obtained from HFEA website on 10/Jun/21

Frozen Treatment Cycle Success Rates

Date Taken from the HFEA website on 10/Jun/21

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