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BCRM Information for General Practitioners

BCRM remains the leading and the longest established Fertility Centre in the South West, providing both NHS and self-funded treatment. We have recently invested in some of the latest technology such as the EmbryoScope+ to further enhance our excellent success rates.

BCRM is the only NHS qualified provider offering Semen analysis and all aspects of Fertility treatment including IVF, ICSI, gamete/ embryo storage, laboratory and theatre facilities all on one site in Bristol.

Our service continues to operate from the same state of the art Facility, based on the Southmead Hospital site and remains active in Training and Research.

BCRM is pleased to receive NHS referrals for:

  • Semen analysis
  • All Fertility treatments including IVF, ICSI, IUI donor egg and sperm treatment
  • Fertility preservation for cancer patients (eggs, sperm and embryo freezing.

Email and telephone advice about the referral process:

info@BCRM.org.uk or 0117 414 6888

For secure email referral: nbn-tr.BCRM@nhs.net

Semen Analysis

The test involves the microscopic examination of semen to assess the concentration, motility and the morphology of the sperm against the 2010 World Health Organisation reference values.  In addition to this, we also look for the presence of anti-sperm antibodies which may affect the mobility of the sperm.

Patients within BNSSG may choose to be referred by their GP for semen analysis.

Please Download form below to arrange a semen analysis:


For further information or enquiries, please contact the BCRM Andrology Laboratory on 0117 4146875.

GP Referral Paperwork

Bristol Centre for Reproductive Medicine welcomes NHS funded patients for fertility treatment. The fertility policy of your local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), will determine the eligibility of patients for access to NHS funding. Please refer to your CCG locality website for their fertility policy and the access based criteria that apply.

Bristol, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire (BNSSG) referrals

NHS funding for BNSSG patients is subject to the access criteria outlined in the Fertility Assessment and Treatment Policy statement (December 2014 Version 1516.1).

Access to Fertility Assessment and Treatments Policy.pdf

Fertility Treatment:

NHS patients can choose to have Fertility treatment at BCRM with IFR Prior Approval following their attendance at one of the following NHS Fertility Assessment Clinics in Bristol:

  1. Reproductive Medicine Clinic; St Michaels Hospital
  2. Southmead Fertility Clinic; North Bristol NHS Trust

Referral documents and GP Guidance is available at:


Email Fertility advice for GPs: 

Please email us for clinical advice on managing you patients: Doctors@FertilityBristol.com

 Self Funded Fertility Assessment and Treatment 

Fertility tests including:

Wide range of blood tests | Ultrasound scans | Ovarian reserve | Advanced Sperm tests | Tubal tests


Fertility treatment including:

IVF | ICSI | Egg Donation | Donor Sperm | Advanced Laparoscopic and Hysteroscopic surgery


We welcome referrals for those who do not meet CCG criteria for Fertility assessment/ treatment.

Please send referral to:

Email:     nbn-tr.BCRM@nhs.net

Fax:         0117 4146899

Post:        BCRM, Southmead Hospital, Bristol, BS10 5NB


Self-funded Patients can also “self refer” and make an appointment directly by making contact with our clinic www.FertiltyBristol.com/