Test article for OX AR

We first came to BCRM about three and half years ago. we have been trying to have a baby for eighteen months by that point, and we have all the tests done and nothing seem to wrong. We had natural conception, but unfortunately it ended in a miscarriage, and there was nothing for months and months and months.

So, I heard that Mr Akandi was the man to talk to about this. So we came in and chatted with him and we started some paternity treatment.The reason why it worked so well here is we get to know everyone, and you feel really safe and protected and you can tell them everything that is going on.

So, it was so easy for us because we have been trying for so long that it was a very pressure point focus for us. You could poke it and it really hurt and we came along and ease things and it all worked.

It that respect, it is a very positive experience; you come in, it immediately strikes you that these people really know what they are doing and immediately and utter confidence that you are really really safe and good hands and what you are doing is going to work and in no point did we despair in any way shape or form; mainly because we were carry through the excellent team here.