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Here at BCRM we strive to provide outstanding, personalised care and aim to be the first choice for fertility advice and treatment. Our service is led by an internationally recognised fertility expert and supported by a highly skilled, friendly, discreet and efficient team.

Finding the right clinic for advice, investigation or fertility treatment can be daunting, so we thought the best people to help with your decision would be patients who have been through treatment at BCRM

Below are a selection of patient testimonial videos and reviews from our patients on Google, where we currently have a rating of 4.8 stars. Our patients become part of our the BCRM family and often share there experience across our digital platforms.

Further reviews can be seen on Google and our social media channels, giving you the confidence that BCRM are the right choice for your fertility journey.

Patient video’s

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Google reviews

Laura C

“We cannot thank BCRM enough – we are finally pregnant after 2.5 years of infertility. We had our 12 week scan this week, and we still can’t believe it!

Every single person at BCRM who has helped us with our infertility journey has been amazing (all the nurses and admin staff, Dr O’Donovan who did my hysteroscopy, Laura Evans – my email buddy! – Dr Chebsey and Dr Price – who really lifted our spirits when we saw her back in 2019 when we were at our lowest point). BCRM also worked very hard to be one of the first clinics to open after the first lockdown, which was such uplifting news at the time, as the pause in treatment (with time constantly ticking away) had been incredibly difficult for so many of us, on top of the worries of the pandemic generally.

A special shout out has to go to Carrie. She’s been there through most of my scans, she did my NK test, and she was the person who actually did our 4th transfer – the one that worked. Carrie really is a beautiful soul, with such an incredible warm energy – just what you need when you’re going through a very wobbly time in your life. Thanks again BCRM.”

Bethany Baker

“I would highly recommend BCRM. I had my first ICSI Donor Egg treatment last year which was successful, we couldn’t have asked anymore from the clinic. All staff were absolutely wonderful and go above and beyond to assist your treatment. We were so impressed with the matching system and Sara English provided an especially friendly service which made us feel really comfortable. We were also seen by Dr Price, Carrie Lomax and Nurse Louise who were all fab. Thank you BCRM!”

Lai Ching Wood

“I cannot speak highly enough of everyone at BCRM. We started our journey with Dr Price in 2015 and 5 years later have the most wonderful family, which would not have been possible without all her support and help.

We worked with Dr Price through both of our pregnancies and neither journey was easy, in fact both were emotional rollercoasters. Each time we met, Dr Price was amazingly supportive and continuously encouraged us every time we felt like giving up.

I would highly recommend Dr Price and the BCRM team. Our experience working together with them has been fantastic.”

Abigail Jackson

“Our journey with BCRM was, as expected, very emotional and overwhelming at times… But that’s any and all fertility treatment. We found our journey to ICSI to be well supported with the staff being open and accessible throughout. We created a particular bond with Carrie who guided us through so much of our treatment and was the friendly face and supportive hug (pre-covid) that we needed. Carrie performed my transfer and our 7 week “viability” scan and her warmth made the whole process so much more calm. We are one of the lucky ones and are expecting our first baby in April. We had 3 (unsuccessful) rounds of Clomid before ICSI but this worked first time and we couldn’t be happier.

We had the majority of our treatment before Covid hit the UK and we were devistated when all treatment was cancelled. It was a stressful time and BCRM did what they could to stay available. Communication during this time was hit and miss but noone could have prepared for this so I tried to stay calm and accept that things were out of our hands.

BCRM create a warm environment for one of the hardest times of your life, and if you get lucky will be the last step on your journey to parenthood. It can be just magic.”

Heather Mundy

“I find it hard to express in words, let alone a short review, how grateful I am for BCRM! My husband and I have tried for a baby for eight years and now after a long lesson in patience we are awaiting the arrival of our first baby (due in just over a month)!

By the time we were referred to BCRM by our GP we had been trying for a baby for over 6.5 years. This had left us feeling pretty hopeless about ever being able to start a family. Once we were in the care of BCRM things changed! We felt listened to and cared for! The incredible team of nurses and embryologists were a constant source of optimism, empathy, knowledge and support. With each appointment, telephone conversation and/or procedure we began to let go of the anxieties and doubt of the past and put trust in the capable hands of those looking after us!

I don’t want to ever lose contact with BCRM because for us they are an instrumental part of our son’s life and support network. Thank you BCRM from the bottom of our hearts!”

Kelly Allen

“Have been with BCRM for over a year now trying for our miracle baby which we are now 11 weeks pregnant with! I cannot thank the team enough for their support and compassion throughout. We have had an emotional rollercoaster of a journey and the team have been there every step of the way. Especially Carrie who has been there from start to finish with us and Cara who was great with communication and keeping us updated with everything. Both very helpful! We can’t wait to bring in our bundle of joy in April!”

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