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Embryology and andrology Included
Advice during treatment Included
24 hour Emergency on call Included
Ultrasound monitoring scans Included
Pre IVF information and preparation meeting Included
Nurse planning appointments Included
Sperm preparation for treatment Included
Operation to retrieve eggs Included
Advanced embryology and blastocyst culture Included
Embryo assisted hatching if appropriate Included
Embryo glue if appropriate Included
Embryo transfer Included
Pregnancy scan Included
Consultant Follow up consultation Included
Treatment support counselling Included
Specialist Consultant Anaesthesia/ sedation Included
Estradiol hormonal measurements during treatment Included
BCRM multi-professional review of your case Included
Ethical committee review if required Included
HFEA registration fee Included
Deferred embryo transfer for one cycle treatment Included
ICSI Included
Freeze and storage of embryos for 1 year Included
Time-lapse assessment with Embryoscope+ Included
Medication / drugs 500-2000 Required
Screening of additional embryos >5 (per embryo) £500 Optional
Annual embryo storage charge after 1 year 295 Optional