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BCRM Quality

At BCRM our Quality Management System’s primary function is to continually improve the effectiveness of the service provided, in accordance with good practice set out in the HFEA’s code of practice.

We also take further steps to ensure that BCRM’s quality management system is certified to ISO standard 9001:2015.  We transitioned from the old standard 9001:2008 in April 2016.

The Medical Directors, HFEA person responsible, Senior Management team and staff are responsible for quality control and the constant improvement of the service, through audits, service review, attending and presenting at international and national meetings.

BCRM is regularly audited by ISO and inspected by our regulatory body the HFEA.

As such, we aim to meet your fertility requirements and hope to exceed your expectations.

BCRM is built on a foundation of trust and integrity with transparency at the heart of all our treatments. Treatments offered are evidence based and personalised to your individual circumstances.




Person Responsible: Dr Valentine Akande MBBS PhD MRCOG

Telephone:    0117 414 6890 or 0117 414 6888
Email:           contact@bcrm.clinic  or Lydia.Cuthbertson@BCRM.clinic


Quality Manager: Joanne Tyrrell

Telephone:    0117 414 6888
Email:           Joanne.Tyrrell@BCRM.clinic


Compliments & Complaints

Telephone:    0117 414 6888
Email:           Joanne.Tyrrell@BCRM.clinic