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13Nov, 2017

Amanda Jefferys, Fertility Specialist Bristol

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Having worked in the field of gynaecology for the past 13 years I knew from an early stage that I was destined for a career in the fertility field. For me the field of fertility combines a number of passions – a fascination with the underlying science, and an enjoyment of the practical side including scanning and surgery but mostly I am driven by the patients I meet and the fulfilment of guiding couples and individuals through their fertility journey, in the hope of achieving the long-held dream of a […]

31Oct, 2016

Fertility, more than just my career

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Its little wonder I ended up as a fertility doctor, when I look back I suppose it was an obvious choice. I decided on a career as a doctor very early. Probably aged 5 whilst trying to intubate my sister with a snorkel on holiday! At medical school, I was interested in women’s health from the start and particularly, the amazing anatomical and physical changes that occur during pregnancy. As a postgraduate, I chose to train in the field of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Coupled with my professional interest, I have […]