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Egg Donation Treatment

There are many reasons why women use donor eggs to have a baby. It may be the best option for women with premature menopause or pre-menopausal ovarian failure, poor egg quality, where there is a high risk of passing on a serious genetic disease or fertility that has been affected by surgery or medical treatment. We have a dedicated Egg Donation team who are there to support you every step of the way.

About our egg donors

We have our own egg donation programme at BCRM. The women who donate are healthy, aged between 18-33 and undergo thorough screening and counselling. All of our egg donors are HFEA registered. Are you interested in becoming an egg donor?

Egg Donation Process Step 2: Medical History

Meet the team

The first step is to talk to our dedicated egg donation team who are there to support you every step of the way.

Egg Donation Process Step 3: Counselling


We will talk to you about your medical history, do some blood tests and perform a scan. We will also discuss with you the treatment you will have so that you understand the next steps.

Egg Donation Process Step 4: Screening Test


Our dedicated counsellors will discuss with you the implications of using a donor egg, so you can be confident in your decision. This is an excellent time for you to ask all the questions you may have.

Egg Donation Process Step 6: Ultrasound Scan

Ready for treatment

The donor eggs will be fertilised with your partner’s or donor sperm and will then be frozen. We will monitor you by using ultrasound scans to find the best time to place the embryo in your womb.

Egg Donation Process Step 7: Hormone Injection

Embryo transfer

The embryo will be thawed on the day of your transfer and will be at the blastocyst stage to give you the best chance of success.

State of the art facilities


Operating from Southmead Hospital, our clinic is home to some of the most modern, cutting edge technology and lab facilities in the UK. We have an experienced and dedicated team of embryologists committed to ensuring the best success rates and highest quality of care. Our purpose-built IVF facility has helped thousands of couples to conceive and create families.

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