Terms and Conditions

Appointment Booking

  1. When booking your consultation with Bristol Fertility Ltd at BCRM you are accepting the charge for this appointment payable at the time of booking
  2. You must ensure all information provided for your booking is true and accurate.
  3. Once booking is confirmed you have entered into an agreement with Bristol Fertility Ltd and are therefore liable for any charges applied should you fail to meet the terms of this agreement,
  4. Terms of agreement:
  5. Provide at least 48 hours’ notice should you wish to cancel the appointment or if you are unable to attend.
  6. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment: call phone number 0117 259 1159 during office hours of 8am-6pm. Please do not send email notification.
  7. Arrive at the appointment before the agreed time.
  8. If you do not cancel with appropriate notice or fail to attend, you will be charged for the consultation.
  9. You are required to bring with you a form of photo ID to your appointment as well any additional completed documentation emailed to you for completion.
  10. We reserve:
    1. The right to cancel or reschedule your appointment this will be without any liability to you.
    2. The right to terminate or restrict suspend or terminate your access to any or all of the services at any time for any reason without prior notice, if we believe you are misusing the service or if you are in breach of the terms