Fertility Preservation

Preserving your fertility for your future

At BCRM we attempt to obtain a sufficient number of eggs or sperm, and store your gametes using the most advanced technique known as “vitrification”.

What is Egg & Sperm Freezing?

Freezing gametes allows you preserve your fertility for future use, giving you the choice of when to start a family. The quality of gametes declines with age. The best time to freeze gametes is before you are 35. Over 90% of eggs survive when thawed using the latest vitrification techniques at BCRM.

Reasons for freezing gametes

Social: you wish to preserve your fertility for reasons relating to employment, not being in a relationship to start a family, or not sure about if or when to start a family.

Medical conditions: you are scheduled to receive oncology treatment which will reduce the number of eggs/sperm.

Family history: where your mother or close relative has suffered premature menopause.

Ovarian problems: you have recurrent ovarian cysts, endometriomas (severe endometriosis) or are due to undergo surgery that will result in the loss of the ovary or eggs.

Important information
  • Depending on your ovarian reserve, it may only be possible to collect a limited number of eggs and not all eggs are suitable for freezing.
  • The number of eggs collected from just one cycle of stimulation treatment may not be sufficient to offer a realistic chance of achieving a pregnancy.
  • Where you have an expected low reserve, we recommend you have more that one cycle of egg freezing to give you an improved chance of pregnancy.