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FAQs for patients planning to have Fertility Treatment at BCRM

11th April 2020

What guidance does BCRM consider when assessing the care it will provide?

Our service is dedicated to helping you have children which is fundamental to humanity. We nevertheless recognise the challenge the current Covid situation presents to you and to our current ability to provide care as normal.

The BCRM clinical leadership team examine the implications of all national and international recommendations with a careful focus on our duty to patients and to public health.

BCRM will monitor the Covid situation diligently and make plans as appropriate, and deliver our expertise based on solid evidence as is our normal practice.

How are you planning on dealing with the backlog of patients?

The Covid situation is constantly changing, as such the BCRM team communicate daily including weekends to decide how we respond.

We have planned to increase capacity when restrictions are lifted so that patients are able to proceed with treatment as quickly as possible.

To this end, we have detailed lists of those who have had to pause or postpone treatment.

Priority will be assigned for recommencing treatment in date order, i.e. first come, first served.

Furthermore, our clinical team have been reviewing the records of all cases where treatment was postponed or paused, and we will be contacting you individually to inform you of the next steps to take.

We will, however, as always individualise cases and take into account, age, ovarian reserve, health and other personal circumstances.

We will also be updating our website and this FAQs section with any new information so please do review this regularly.

Is BCRM still accepting new patients?

Yes, we definitely are, therefore, if wish to consider having Fertility Treatment such as IVF, ICSI, use donor sperm or donor eggs, IUI, ovulation induction, please book an appointment so that we would be able to plan and schedule your treatment for when the Covid restrictions are lifted.

Treatment will be prioritised on a first come, first served basis.

Please email or call 0117 301 8605.

Can I go ahead with my booked consultation?

Yes. If you have a new consultation booked, this will be arranged as a telephone or video consultation.

Can I go ahead with blood and other tests?

In line with the requirements to reduce patient contact (apart from when absolutely necessary) we are not able to undertake blood tests, sperm tests or ultrasound scans at the moment.

Can I still have an ultrasound scan?

If you’ve had treatment at BCRM and are pregnant, we will still proceed with undertaking your initial scan with additional precautions.

Do I have to attend the clinic for my consultation?

Our telephone and video consultation service will now allow you to continue receiving advice and plan treatment with our fertility specialists, nurses and laboratory team.

What emotional support service is BCRM providing?

We recognise how difficult it is not being able to proceed with treatment, for this reason we are encouraging you to access our support during this challenging time.

Our treatment support team are available for telephone, skype and zoom consultations, please do let us know if you would like to book an appointment and one of our patient advisors will get in contact to arrange this for you.

Contact – or call 0117 301 8605

Please see further information here: PATIENT SUPPORT

Will I have to pay for a postponed fertility treatment?

If we’ve had to pause or postpone fertility treatment because of the Covid situation, you will not need to pay to recommence treatment. This does not include the purchase of drugs if required.

When will fertility treatment start again for new patients?

We are monitoring the Covid situation closely and intend to commence treatment as soon as it is safe to do so, and restrictions have been lifted.

If you are thinking about starting fertility treatment, we would strongly encourage you book a consultation by emailing: or calling 0117 301 8605.

Treatment will be prioritised on a first come first served basis.

What will happen to NHS funded patients?

We have been in discussions with the local NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups and it has been confirmed that any NHS funded patient already referred to BCRM for fertility treatment and whose treatment has been affected/delayed/postponed as the result of the Covid -19 pandemic will not have any issues regarding funding timescale expiry or repeating a period of treatment when BCRM resume treatment cycles.

What if I need help with ovulation?

We can help you by providing advice but will not be able to provide medication until the restrictions are lifted. We recommend you book a consultation to have a phone or video consultation and we will be able to provide you with appropriate advice.

Are my Embryos, eggs and sperm stored at BCRM safe?

There is no reason to have concerns about their safety, our laboratory team are still working and taking great care of them. We also have a monitoring system with an embryologist on call 24 hours a day.

Am I still able to freeze my eggs?

Until restrictions are lifted, BCRM is only able to carry out egg freezing in circumstances of extreme urgency such as women needing to preserve their fertility prior to cancer treatment.

Am I still able to donate my eggs?

BCRM welcomes your expressions of interest to become an egg donor. This is a good time to complete an application and explore what it involves. Much of the process can be completed from home or by telephone or a video discussion.

We recommend you make an enquiry

BCRM can undertake all of the counselling and medical assessment preparation whilst we wait for the restrictions to be lifted.

Who do I contact at BCRM if I have questions?

During this unprecedented time, we will continue to work and offer our patients the support they need and deserve.

Please contact our staff via the following:

General enquiries and booking appointments: or 0117 301 8605

Nurses and Doctors: or 07747031393



Where do I turn for more information?

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