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What is Egg Freezing?

Freezing eggs allows you to store eggs for future use giving you the choice of when to start a family.

Egg numbers and quality declines with age. The best time to freeze eggs is before of 35 years.

Over 90% of eggs survive when thawed using the latest vitrification techniques at BCRM

At BCRM we use the most advanced technique known as “vitrification” and attempt to obtain a sufficient number of eggs from you

Reasons for Freezing Eggs (oocytes)

Social: A woman wishing to preserve her fertility for reasons relating to employment, not yet in a relationship to start a family, or not sure about if and when to start a family.

Family history: where a woman’s mother or close relative has suffered premature menopause

Cancer: you are scheduled to have chemotherapy or radiotherapy for cancer which will reduce the number of eggs e.g. breast cancer, lymphoma, bowel cancer.

Ovarian problems: you have recurrent ovarian cysts, endometriomas (severe endometriosis) or are due to undergo surgery that will result in the loss of the ovary or eggs.

Other medical conditions: you are having medication for rheumatic conditions such as chemotherapy that can damage the ovaries

Important to know

Important points

  • Depending on your ovarian reserve, it may only be possible to collect a limited number of eggs.
  • You should be aware that not all women have eggs that are suitable for freezing.
  • Eggs collected from just one cycle of stimulation treatment may not be sufficient to offer a realistic chance of achieving a pregnancy.
  • Where you have an expected low reserve, we recommend you have more that one cycle of egg freezing to give you an improved chance of pregnancy.
  • You can pay to have 3 cycles for the cost of 2.

You can find out more here in this blog post on Freezing Eggs

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Operating from our new state of the art facility in Aztec West in Bristol, our clinic is home to some of the most modern, cutting edge technology and lab facilities in the UK. We have an experienced and dedicated team of embryologists committed to ensuring the best success rates and highest quality of care. Our purpose-built IVF facility has helped thousands of couples to conceive and create families.


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