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BCRM hitting the headlines

1: Egg Donor article in Cosmopolitan

BCRM’s Dr Alex Price and one of our much valued altruistic egg donors are featured in a recent Egg Donor article in Cosmopolitan

BCRM’s current altruistic egg donor ads

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2: Baby number three

BCRM couple Karen and James Marks are hitting the headlines with BCRM baby number three – they have shared their fantastic journey to completing their family and it has been published by multiple agencies

Western Daily Press and Daily Record

Karen and James are now home with baby Gabi and say her siblings are getting used to having a younger sister.

The mum-of-three Karen, adds: ‘Cameron and Isabella love her. They’re really cute, even fighting over who gets to hold her, it’s really sweet.

‘Cameron is the oldest so he’s doing great, but Isabella is missing her time with Mummy as I was at her beck and call before. There is a bit of mum guilt there, juggling equal time with each of my kids.

‘We’re so happy she’s here. It’s surreal, having three children after not thinking you’d have any, but we just feel so incredibly lucky.

‘I feel complete now, I’m so happy. It’s chaos, but we’re just so lucky. My heart is full.’