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Thrilled to share a success story below from one of our delighted patients

Around 3 years ago my husband and I made the decision to start trying for a baby; we were both so excited and couldn’t wait to be one of ‘those’ couples who could share their baby news with the world. Although this excitement was coupled with a secret feeling of dread, I had been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome some years earlier and began to worry this wasn’t going to be as easy as we first hoped. The months were passing by and nothing was happening…queue the crazy amount of hours spent on Google trying to increase my chances! After around 6 months I asked to be referred to a consultant for some treatment to help. I was told it was ‘normal’ to take up to year for couples to conceive so they refused the medication and said to keep trying…needless to say I left that appointment disappointed.

Over the following, longest 12 months of our lives we had loads of appointments with different consultants with most saying something a little different to try. We tried everything, literally everything! I spent every day constantly symptom spotting to look out for signs of my cycle progressing, and then desperately convincing myself I was experiencing early symptoms of pregnancy, only to be heartbroken with a negative pregnancy test. Each month came and went and so did the emotional agony of my cycle starting again and the sheer heartache that we would have to start over.

After a few more months we started to explore private fertility clinics as knew we would need help to conceive. We googled and went with the clinic that had an appointment the soonest, unfortunately we had an awful experience with them and were left in an even worse place. We left it a month and then a friend recommended the BCRM – and I thank god every day she did! I booked an appointment with Dr Alex Price and I cannot even put into words how amazing she was in that appointment, and every appointment after that. She listened with such understanding and empathy we were instantly put at ease and she gave us a little bit of hope that things would be ok.

We had a 6 cycles of clomid but none were successful, after each cycle my hope began to disappear again. Alex encouraged me to never give up hope, to keep going and eventually, together we would have our baby. There was a part of me that wanted to believe her but a huge part of me that was losing hope we would ever have a baby of our own. After a review with Alex we started an ovulation induction cycle, with the first cycle being unsuccessful I began to feel hopeless again. I was convinced we were going to have to start IVF which we felt might of given us a chance. I vividly remember sitting in the BCRM crying throughout my appointment with Dr Price who smiled at me and said ‘although you don’t’ believe me, I think this will work so keep going with the next two cycles’. We agreed we would keep going and I started injecting that night to start the cycle. Throughout the OI cycles I saw Anne every other day who always was so lovely, supportive and understanding of the emotional turmoil and the random questions I asked each time I went because of something I had read somewhere. I was convinced that it wouldn’t work just like everything else, but I was wrong. This was the month that our beautiful little boy Harry was created! I nearly fainted as the line came up bright blue on the pregnancy test. I treasured every second of the little life growing in my tummy, I embraced all the wonderful pregnancy symptoms that I had longed for for so long.

I wanted to write this as I never thought in a million years I would be one of those people, one of those success stories like I had read over the years when I was scrolling the internet for glimmers of hope in periods of desperation and sadness. We owe everything to the Alex, Anne and everyone at the BCRM. We feel like the luckiest people to have had such an amazing doctor and team looking after us who just understood us as individuals and as a couple. Just before Christmas we were able to take our little boy to meet the people who helped create him, that day will always have a special place in our hearts xxx