The Team

Dr Toshi Sherpa

Fertility Fellow

Toshi is a Fertility Fellow at BCRM and a Senior Obstetrics & Gynaecology Registrar at St. Michael’s Hospital, bringing a wealth of expertise and compassion to his practice. Renowned for his kind, calm, and zen demeanour, he resonates with colleagues and patients alike, embodying warmth and professionalism in all aspects of his life.


Beginning his medical journey in 2008, Toshi’s passion for women’s health led him to obtain his Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery from the University of Bristol in 2014, followed by specialty training in Obstetrics & Gynaecology in 2016, and awarded membership to the Royal College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists in 2021.

A reflection of his empathy and commitment to compassionate care, Toshi’s interest in philosophy, ethics, and law, led him to be awarded a degree in Bioethics. He has experience navigating complex issues with understanding and kindness as a member of the Clinical Ethics Advisory Group at Acute Bristol Trusts, working to ensure the highest standards in medical care.

Clinical Experience

Toshi’s expertise in reproductive medicine and surgery has been honed through advanced training and a fertility fellowship at the Cotswold Fertility Unit & Gloucestershire Trusts. He has extensive experience guiding individuals and couples through their fertility journey, from initial consultation, investigations, reproductive surgery, to assisted reproductive treatments such as IVF. Additionally, Toshi possesses several years of experience providing comprehensive care for women through their reproductive journey from preconception, antenatal, labour, and postnatal care, as well as managing acute gynaecological and obstetric emergencies.

Research, Teaching & Leadership

Beyond clinical roles, Toshi is deeply engaged in teaching and research. Passionate about teaching, he has taught students from the University of Oxford and Bristol as well as leading multidisciplinary healthcare professional training. For three years Toshi identified key issues as a Research Fellow for the National Institute of Health Research authoring several publications and editorials focusing on women’s health.

Toshi’s dedication to global health extends to his role as a health advisor to a multi-national NGO, fostering positive cultural changes and improving population health in Nepal. Toshi’s leadership is also demonstrated through coordination of major charitable fundraising events and advocacy for universal inclusion.


In his personal life, Toshi is a tennis fanatic and enjoys surfing, diving, and travelling. He loves learning new languages and is fluent in Nepalese, Hindi, Urdu & English, and is committed to improving his French – a New Year’s resolution that seems destined to be unfulfilled since 2008.