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BCRM is now offering Home Fertility Blood Tests

When it feels like life is on hold, your Fertility doesn’t have to wait. Whether you want a general Fertility check or wish to start the process of Fertility treatment – all from your home.

Book a test: or Telephone 0117 301 8605 or WhatsApp 07796 657250

  • During the Covid-19 lockdown, there are restrictions on attending the clinic in person, the “Finger prick” home test allows you to take a blood sample at home and send it to the lab for testing
  • We can do virtually any routine Fertility blood test this way. Eg. AMH, hormones, ovulation tests, virology screen etc.


- Purpose Cost(£) Female♀ Male♂
AMH Assess ovarian/ egg reserve 75 F♀
Progesterone Assess ovulation 40 F♀
FSH/ LH Assess hormone profile 40 F♀ M♂
Chlamydia Assess risk of blocked tubes 40 F♀
Testosterone When the sperm count is very low 60 M♂
Virology Hepatitis B & C, HIV, HTLV 80 F♀ M♂
Other tests Depends Enquire F♀ M♂

Helpful points:

  • Instructions will be sent to you on how to take the blood sample at home
  • Payment will need to be made before the testing kit is sent to you
  • We will write to you with the results or discuss them at a “Virtual Consultation