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BCRM Coronavirus Covid-19 update

1st May 2020

We are pleased to hear that our regulator, the HFEA have taken the decision that fertility clinics can “apply” to reopen from 11 May 2020.

This means an application will be assessed and will require approval before treatment can actually start.

The safety of patients and clinic staff remains a priority for BCRM. We therefore wish to reassure all our patients that we have been working hard during the lock down and are now prepared to provide a safe service to patients and a safe working environment for our staff during the Covid-19 pandemic with all the necessary precautions including PPE.

To this end, we have introduced more resources and innovations to allow us to deliver safe and streamlined care.

This also means a different way of working and ensuring that attendance in the building is only where necessary, such as for tests, scans and procedures that cannot be done remotely.

Consultations and discussion will be dealt with remotely by “virtual” consultations using telephone or video such as zoom.

We will be contacting patients awaiting treatment directly once we have confirmation that we can recommence treatment. Those who wish to have treatment and have not had an appointment are encouraged to book one as we intend to commence treatment on a first come, first served basis.

We appreciate how stressful and challenging the last few week have been for many of you. We now much look forward to doing what we do best, helping you build your family.

Further details will follow, please also see the link-

Key messages:
  1. BCRM remains open and staffed by key individuals.
  2. Clinical, nursing and other staff are still able to undertake consultations and treatment planning (by telephone or video) in preparation for when COVID restrictions are lifted.
  3. We are here to support you and we encourage you to contact us.

We are pleased the regulator is now looking at recommencing treatment: restarting-fertility-treatment-at-bcrm/

For general enquiries:
Phone: 0117 301 8605 or email:

For new or follow up consultations:
Phone: 0117 301 8605 or email:

For any nursing or clinical queries:
Phone: 0117 414 6880 or 07747031393 or email:

To book a counselling appointment:
Phone: 0117 301 8605 or email:

The last few weeks have revealed the challenging effects the Covid situation is having on our daily lives, family, friends and work. Our hearts go out to those who have been affected.

Given the unprecedented nature of the situation, BCRM has had to take a number of actions to protect patients and staff. These measures have been guided by the Fertility regulator (HFEA), the British Fertility society, Public Health England and other medical international bodies.

In line with the guidance of these bodies, BCRM along with all other clinics in the UK have had restrictions imposed on what services can be provided. We are however, still continuing to provide telephone/ video consultation, treatment planning and patient support/ counselling.

For those who’ve had to discontinue treatment, we appreciate how devastating it will be for you not to be able to fulfil your chances of having a baby at this time.

We are therefore resolute in our determination to commence treatment as soon as possible and do what we are really here to do, that is to help you have babies. To that aim we can reassure you that we will be putting in place additional resources and systems to enable us to respond to our return to activity, with increased capacity.

Please also be assured that our leadership team and key staff remain on duty to advise and support patients and continue whatever services are appropriate. We are also proud that a number of our staff are working with and providing support to the NHS.

It is nevertheless understandable that many have expressed worry and have specific questions about how we will address the Covid situation and hope the answers to “Frequently Asked Questions” here will help:

FAQs for patients planning to have Fertility Treatment at BCRM

We thank you all for your understanding in these difficult circumstances, we encourage you to contact us if you wish to discuss your personal situation