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Infertility effect millions of people every year across the world. In our latest Vlog we dive into what infertility is and how your lifestyle can be key factors in struggling to conceive. To find out more, book a consultations and the best course of treatment for you.

Video Transcription

So the first steps for some struggling to conceive. I would say would be to look at lifestyle factors. So we know things like smoking, drinking, being overweight, underweight, or over exercising can effect both male and female infertility. So, I would suggest decreasing alcohol, if you drink right down to the very minimum level, stopping smoking completely. Vaping, their is no substantial evidence whether thats better or worse than smoking or any effect at all. Ideally we would stop that. Try to bring your weight into a healthily level. If you think you are over , then decrease your exercise level.We would always recommend that any women trying to get pregnant to take folic acid, and if you are still struggling, then see your GP for some simple tests. Or of course you find a fertility unit such as BCRM, and see them for advice and appropriate investigations to see if they could find a reason and help you on your journey.So if you would like to find out more information about fertility, then please visit our BCRM website or arrange to come to one of our free patient open evening.