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'We are so proud of our journey' an emotional insight by a BCRM family.

We have had a long road and it has been a complicated one.

We first got pregnant on 2006 unfortunately I lost that pregnancy. I was diagnosed with PCOS at 17 but after our loss I was diagnosed with secondary infertility.


We tried for many years and many different fertility treatments but could not get pregnant again. We took a break for many years and decided to save for private treatment. Then in 2018 our world changed again, my husband was diagnosed with liver failure at 39 and given at most 2 years to live without a liver transplant. In October 2019 we were gifted a second chance and he had a liver transplant, then covid hit and our plans were delayed, he healed and we knew we had to get back on the fertility train .


We did a lot of research and came across BCRM because of their statistics and customer support. We attended an open evening in October 2022 and had a mini consultation with Doctor Akande and knew we had found the right place. We had our full consultation in January again with Doctor Akande. We needed ICSI and we decided to use ACCESS FERTILITY for 2 cycles.

In March 2023 our medication arrived and the journey began on our first cycle we made 2 beautiful embryos. Unfortunately our fresh transfer didn't work. In June 2023 we used our second embryo, our frozen one for transfer FET . Two weeks later and the test said positive. We couldn't believe it !

After 17 years of infertility we were pregnant. I haven't had an easy pregnancy but in February 2024 by C section our beautiful little girl was born she was 8LB 2OZ of perfection.

We can never convey how grateful we are to the BCRM team you gave us our family. Being parents to a new born is not easy but we are loving every minute of it and would wish it for every couple struggling right now. Again thank you. Hopefully you and your whole team from the doctors, nurses, admin staff and everyone behind the scenes will know what this has meant to us.

Congratulations Rachael and William. Welcome to the world Tayla. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.