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3rd Apr 2024
'We are so proud of our journey' an emotional insight by a BCRM family.

We have had a long road and it has been a complicated one.

2nd Apr 2024
IVF dad says the reason he was born was to be his baby's father

Although they were united by their desire to have a baby, the mixed Thai/British heritage of would-be parents Jarmmy and John Greenwood gave the couple a broader-than-average perspective when they were researching how to approach their IVF treatment.

5th Jan 2024
Biological Clock Puts Laurie On A Mission To Become A Solo Mum

When Laurie Ledger-Hardy found herself unexpectedly single in her mid-thirties after the break-up of a long-term relationship she didn’t start looking for a new partner, instead she began researching a suitable fertility clinic to find out about the possibility of becoming a solo mum.

8th Dec 2023
Miracle triplets born years apart about spend first Christmas together

Miracle triplets who were born years apart are about to celebrate their very first Christmas together. Karen and James Marks went through IVF at BCRM to have their first baby and have been on an emotional and physical parental rollercoaster for years.

5th Dec 2023
New mum advises women struggling to have a baby how to save themselves heartache

Michelle Hutchings’ baby Ava Rose, born on 11 April 2023, is the result of a double donation – donor egg and donor sperm – a possibility she is convinced not enough people are aware of.

27th Nov 2023
Appeal to find the first IVF babies conceived and born in Bristol

An unusual appeal is being launched in the West Country: to find the first people conceived and born in Bristol as the result of IVF so they can be included in celebrations to mark 40 years since the first IVF baby was born in the city back in 1984.

18th May 2023
Dad says you must have a Plan B

Diego, a researcher from Spain, said: “It was a long wait, and we learned many life lessons in the meantime, including this memorable advice from another trying-to-conceive dad, which was: Always have a Plan B.” Mareike said: “It’s a hard journey, but we learned the most important thing is to go your own path and find what makes you happy. Live your life your way.

15th Mar 2023
Consultant will be ‘Dr Magic’ forever

After the birth of Carly and Steve Gibbens’ second IVF baby, they had the chance to introduce their first IVF baby – by then two years old – to the BCRM consultant responsible for his creation, and they told him her name was “Dr Magic.” Carly said: “Amanda Jefferys gave us two babies when we weren’t sure we’d ever have any, and she supported us through a really challenging time in our lives. For us she’ll always be Dr Magic.”

11th May 2022
BCRM on ITV news discussing IVF Fertility treatment Add-ons