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BCRM are committed to ensuring that people with the need for infertility treatment have the support available to them, our team of fertility specialists have created a library of Vlog content to help you find the answers you might be seeking for. Our third video covers the topic of “patient support” which provides a brief overview of our patient support we provide to our patients. To find out more on patient support here.

Video Transcription

Patient support is something that everybody in the clinic is involved with. it is not just something the counselor or therapist in the clinic do; but it is some that involves the whole team such as the receptionist, secretary, the nurses, the doctors, embroyislists everybody is involved with supporting patients as they come through the clinic to have their treatment or their investigations through the clinic and so on.their is all sorts of things that we offer to patients as they are coming through. So for example, I can help with stress reduction techniques, like mindfulness, breathing techniques, but also like communication skills, assertiveness; those sort of things may help reach their way through the treatment process.

Also, looking at couples and how they are managing their treatment between them; they may experience it differently, they're maybe some difficulties between them because they do not understand how each other are functioning or responding differently to the treatment. So it's helpful to have the couples together to talk about those things and to try and find ways for them to communicate more effectively with each other and to understand each other better, and to understand themselves better as well as they go through.IUI is used for people who do not to go down the road of advanced treatment, as invitro fertilisation, ivf, or intracytoplasmic sperm injection, so icsi, so their advance treatment within fertility treaments. IUI is a much milder form of fertility treatment and maybe more suited to patient so are in the same sex relationship, or a single women, or some mild male factors of fertility problems or unexplained sub fertility. We are very passionate about the iui service we run here at the BCRM and have one of the most successful iui rates in the country.