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BCRM are committed to ensuring that people with the need for assisted reproduction service have factual and medically accurate information available to them, our team of fertility experts have created a library of Vlog and Blog content to help you find the answers you seek. Our second video covers the topic of “What is IUI”, Carrie Lomax the Director of Nursing & Clinical Services for BCRM provides a brief overview of IUI treatment, further information of the IVF process can be found here.

Video Transcription

IUI treatment is when the follicles on the ovaries are stimulated to a specific size and we generall want between 1 and 3 follicles on the ovary, at the time when the follicles at a mature size hoping that the egg in the follicle is mature, then a trigger injection is given to those eggs to be released. At a very specific time within that cycle we then placed prepared sperm, in the lower part of the uterus it is closer to the fallopian tube.

IUI is used for people who do not to go down the road of advanced treatment, as invitro fertilisation, ivf, or intracytoplasmic sperm injection, so icsi, so their advance treatment within fertility treaments. IUI is a much milder form of fertility treatment and maybe more suited to patient so are in the same sex relationship, or a single women, or some mild male factors of fertility problems or unexplained sub fertility. We are very passionate about the iui service we run here at the BCRM and have one of the most successful iui rates in the country.