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What is ivf?

BCRM are committed to ensuring that people with the need for assisted reproduction service have factual and medically accurate information available to them, our team of fertility experts have created a library of Vlog and Blog content to help you find the answers you seek. Our first video covers the topic of “What is IVF”, Dr Amanda Jefferys the Medical Director of BCRM provides a brief overview of IVF treatment, further information of the IVF process can be found here.

Video Transcription

So ivf is a treatment originally developed about 40 years ago for women with damage tube or tube that do not function properly. But over the years it has been used for couples for many other reasons. It involves giving the female partner medications to grow a number of eggs in that cycle, what we then do after a couple of weeks after given these medications under the skin on a daily basis.

Then we collect the eggs; this is done through the egg collection procedure.The patient is then put under sedation, and we do an internal scan with a fine needle on the end through the top of the top of the vagina into the egg sacks to withdraw the fluid that is there. That then goes to our lab to be looked at under the microscope, then they select out the eggs, and on that day the eggs are combined with the sperm, what the male partner produces on that day, or we use donor sperm in certain situations, and then the embryos are then developed for their.

We then grow the embryos in the lab for between 3 to 5 days before we transfer back the female partner.If you did want some more information on ivf or icsi, then you could go to our website, where there is lots of useful information, or you can book yourself into one of our open evenings as well. Please do contact one of our admin team for a consultation with one of our doctors at BCRM.