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BCRM Medical Director and lead Consultant , Mr Valentine Akande, has welcomed the news that fertility treatment 'add-ons' are to be colour-coded by the official watchdog, the Human Fertility and Embryology Authority (HFEA), to highlight any that are unproven or unsafe.

The new system means that such treatments will be colour-coded to help would-be parents decide if a treatment is likely to help them have a baby and avoid spending on procedures that may not work.

Valentine Akande said: "The new fertility treatment add-ons guidance serves a dual purpose for patients and clinics.

“Firstly, it enhances awareness by furnishing in-depth information on whether a particular add-on can Improve success rates.

“Secondly, it introduces a systematic ratings system to assess their effectiveness.

"Both patients and fertility clinics share a common goal: optimizing success rates.

“It's evident that, for the vast majority of patients, add-ons are an unnecessary expense. Patients should not be burdened with additional costs. However, in specific cases, add-ons may offer a valuable opportunity to enhance success rates.

"The determination of whether an add-on is beneficial can only be made through a thorough discussion with a fertility expert. This dialogue should take into account the patient's unique circumstances while providing clarity on the potential benefits, risks, and available alternatives."