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BCRM offers the most comprehensive and advanced Fertility tests available whether you are woman, man or a couple wish­ing to find out more about your Fer­til­ity poten­tial or Treatment options.

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Male fertility Assessment

In around a third of couples with infertility, the main problem lies with the man. In our experience, up to half of fertility cases involve a problem with the sperm.

This is usually because there are insufficient numbers of normal sperm available to fertilise the egg, or a problem with sperm that doesn’t move (swim) well.

We offer a detailed sperm analysis, carried out in our accredited laboratory.

Assessment: if a problem is found with sperm then a consultation will be required to discuss the implications. A physical examination, hormone and genetic tests may also be required.

Understanding the Sperm test and Male infertility

Ovarian reserve tests

As women get older, there is a reduction in the number and quality of eggs left in the ovaries. The number of remaining eggs varies from woman and ovarian reserve cannot be determined by age alone.

There is a relatively new blood test available at Fertility Bristol that measures levels of Anti-Mullerian Hormone – or AMH – to give an indication of the number of eggs remaining and reproductive potential.

It is a blood test that can be done at any time during the menstrual cycle, even if you are on the contraceptive pill. It can help predict how many eggs you are likely to obtain in an IVF cycle. It may also identify women who may undergo early menopause, and therefore who may lose 
their fertility earlier than average.

The cost of the AMH test: £80

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Further information of ovarian reserve tests

Test for blocked tubes

One in five women who face fertility problems have a problem with their fallopian tubes.

The tubes can be damaged by adhesions or scar tissue or they can be blocked. These problems can prevent the successful meeting of sperm and egg and therefore cause infertility.

We undertake the following tests to assess your tubes:

Ovulation & Hormone tests

  • Progesterone: test to confirm ovulation
  • FSH/ LH: test to assess ovarian reserve and hormone balance
  • Testosterone & SHBG: help us diagnose polycystic ovarian syndrome and assess hormonal imbalances
  • TSH: helps us make sure your thyroid gland is not over or under active.
  • Prolactin: useful test for helping diagnose the reason for irregular periods

One Stop Fertility MOT

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Fertility Immune & NK tests

Immune testing and treatment is not required nor appropriate for most patients, however, those with recurrent IVF failure or miscarriage where no other cause is found, it may help improve your chances of success.

Tests include Natural Killer (NK) cell testing in the endometrium or blood.

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Other Fertility tests

We undertake several other tests which include:

  • Advanced hormone tests
  • Genetic and Chromosome tests
  • Immune tests
  • Infection screens
  • Microbiology tests
  • Histology
  • MRI scans