Same-Sex Couples

BCRM are proud to offer a variety of treatment option for female same-sex couples to start a family

Getting Started

Before you proceed to treatment you will need to have investigations into your fertility to determine the best option for you.

As a female same-sex couple, you will need Donor Sperm as part of your fertility journey. You can find our more about your options here.

Initial Tests and Investigations

  • Initial Blood Tests: AMH, TSH, FBC - £195 per person
  • Initial Consult & Scan with one of our fertility specialists - £210 / 250
  • Additional Ultrasound Scan (if needed) - £180

Alternatively you could have a Same-Sex Couple Fertility MOT - £890

Further Tests and Investigation

If you are considering IUI treatment, your doctor will likely refer you for a test to check your fallopian tubes. This will either be a:

Your Treatment Plan

Following your initial appointment and further testing if recommended, your fertility consultant will put together your treatment plan. This will most likely be for:

Please see our treatment page for other options that may be provided

Referral to the Donor Sperm Team

Our Donor Sperm Team will then get in contact with you to talk you through next steps. They will provide information on samples we have in stock at BCRM and how to purchase samples from an external bank. Before proceeding to purchase donor sperm you will need to have:

  • CMV Blood Test - £65
  • Implications Counselling - £75

Intracouple Egg Donation

If you proceed with intracouple donation there will be additional screenings and a quarantine period before you could proceed with FET treatment. Click here to find out more.

Proceeding to Treatment

Once you have everything in place our patient coordinators will be in touch with your next steps. Our dedicated medical, clinical and administrative teams are here to guide you through.