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Patient Support

Most people can find having medical intervention in order to have a baby highly challenging – both emotionally and physically.  Many have close family members or friends they turn to at difficult times in their lives, but sometimes, the experience of fertility treatment requires a little bit more specialist support.

Providing such support is an important aspect of the care we provide at BCRM and so if you think it might be helpful to talk to someone, we would encourage you to use our Patient Support Counselling Service.

Patient Support Leaflets

The Patient Support Service – for all BCRM patients

Patient Support is offered to all BCRM patients – from the time when you first come to the clinic, then during any investigations and tests you may have; throughout any treatment you may undergo; and moreover, after your treatment has finished. Patient Support is available for up to six months after any treatment has finished. Whatever the outcome we offer continued support.

Our two in-house specialist Fertility Therapists, Wendy Martin and Francine Blanchet, appreciate that patients come to BCRM with only one aim in mind – to have a baby.

It is well documented that fertility treatments can sometimes be hard, and Wendy and Francine are there to help support you as much as you need while you work towards your goal.

The Patient Support Service is confidential and is separate from your medical investigations and treatments. Both Wendy and Francine are BICA accredited specialist fertility counsellors with many years of experience and they will help you to focus on any emotional, social, relational and psychological difficulties which you might encounter whilst trying for a baby.

These sessions will give you: –

  • The opportunity to talk through your thoughts, experiences and feelings and explore any concerns you may have
  • Support around decision-making and looking forward to the next step
  • A chance to think about the differences between you and your partner (if you have one) in how you are coping and to help you find better ways to communicate if needed.

Please remember, you don’t have to be in a crisis to access the service.

In addition to this, Wendy offers a range of tools and techniques tailored to help you improve the quality of your experience, all designed to help you maintain the optimum quality of life. These include any combination of the following:

  • Positive Psychology Techniques to harness your inner strength and help maintain a good quality of life at different stages of treatment
  • Coping Strategies, Stress Management and Relaxation Techniques to enhance wellbeing
  • Distraction techniques to help take your mind off your thoughts at difficult times
  • Self-hypnosis to increase self-confidence and help you with sleep
  • Mindfulness to calm you and help make your fertility path a little less stressful
  • Communication Tools and Strategies to help you to express your experience with others e.g., your partner, family, friends and colleagues etc
  • Hypnotherapy and Relaxation Techniques to help relieve anxiety and distress about the treatment

How to access Patient Support

Contact the Administration Team on 0117 259 1159

In person at our Reception Desk

By email: Contact@BCRM.clinic

You can then book a Patient Support session so that we can get to know you and understand your current needs. Together we can identify what might be helpful. You can either come to BCRM for your session or speak to us by Zoom or phone if you prefer.

BCRM are pleased to offer a one-hour Patient Support appointment during your investigation stage; then once you start treatment you can have a further three sessions for each cycle of treatment (If you are privately funded) or one appointment per treatment cycle if you are an NHS patient.

Further sessions in addition to those provided free of charge are available on a self-funding basis at £50 per session.